What are the advantages of Jiangmen magnetic energy water heater

2020-10-17 1016

In the water heater profession at that time, electric water heater and solar water heater were widely recognized by people. Many people did not know about magnetic energy water heater. How about magnetic energy water heater? The main magnetic energy water heater does not need grounding wire and anti - electric wall, and there is no scaling

The magnetic energy water heater converts electric energy into magnetic heat energy through the electromagnetic induction principle. The high-speed changing current will produce high-speed magnetic field after passing through the coil. When the magnetic line inside the magnetic field passes through the metal container, numerous small eddy currents will occur, which will make the water in the metal container heat up at high speed, and then output the water in the heating container to achieve the purpose of cooking and bathing.


The magnetic energy electric water heater uses the fast magnetic heat conduction technology to divide the water into small areas, so as to achieve 360 ° large area heating, rapid heat absorption and temperature rise, ready to use, one machine multi-channel water supply, if you want to use, no tank, no water storage, to ensure a certain heating efficiency.

The magnetic energy water heater is the kind that needs to use electricity and is heated immediately, so the power is relatively large, which may give people the feeling of insecurity. In fact, this is not the case, because the power size and product safety is not directly related, but with the meter current and wire. The magnetic energy water heater needs to use a 4 square meter power line and install an air switch (external leakage protection device). Then, the combination of fast magnetic heat conduction technology and magnetic energy heating has completely changed the traditional water heater's water in water heating mode. At the same time, the unsafe heating mode of electric water in water heater can be separated from water and electricity.

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