Jiangmen magnetic energy water heater tells you the reason why the water heater runs slowly

2020-10-17 932

Water heater hot water is not much, slow to boil water? The common electric water heater will appear this kind of shortcoming after using for as long as one or two years. The water is often not hot after half a day's operation, or the hot water will be gone before the bath is finished. Can you clearly buy a large number of liters of water heater? What is the problem?

In fact, this is mostly due to the problem caused by the scale inside the electric water heater. After a long time of using the kettle in our house, we will find that there is a thick layer of oxide at the bottom, which is formed after the water is heated.

The working principle of the water heater is the same as that of the electric kettle. Therefore, after long-term use, the scale will also form and cannot be removed. All of them are deposited in the inner tank, which will naturally affect the heating effect and hot water volume of the water heater. So how can we get these dirty things out?


First, disconnect the power supply, turn off the water valve, and then turn on the hot water valve and cold water valve of the water heater together, and then drain all the water inside. Then, you can see that the water quality is very poor with impurities.

The next step is to open the top cover of the water heater. The detailed operation depends on the structure of your electric water heater. After you open the cover, you can see the scale inside the water heater, layer by layer, layer by layer. It looks disgusting.

Seeing this, you know why there is so little water coming out of your water heater. The long-term sewage inside will also affect your skin health. The reason why the water normally discharged looks clean is that the scale is deposited under the water outlet of the water heater and will not be swept away with the water.

After the scale has been removed, replace the magnesium rod, heating pad and heater with new ones, so that the water heater can resume the function of rapid heating.

Source: Jiangmen magnetic energy water heater http://www.konryt.com/