How to clean Jiangmen magnetic energy water heater

2020-10-17 1014

Many people's water heaters have been used for a long time, and the water heaters have become very dirty, especially in the places we can't see inside. The reason is that a lot of scale has been accumulated in the water heater since it was used, and there is no active design to clean the scale. Therefore, we need to clean the water heater regularly. If you can't clean the water heater, let it Let me teach you.

The first step is to cut off the power supply of the water heater, then close the two triangle valves, and screw off the nut of the hot water port to prevent the hot water from flowing out. Next, screw the nut of the cold water port to drain the water from the cold water outlet. Conventionally, for a 50 liter water heater, the drainage takes about 1 hour.


Then connect the water pipe to the hot water port of the water heater, fill the water inside, and plug the cold water port, let the cold water bubble in the inner cylinder for a moment, and then discharge. Repeat the operation for several times until the water discharged from the cold water outlet becomes clean. After the above, we need to screw on the nuts on the cold water nozzle and hot water port, turn on the triangle valve, and turn on the hot water from the faucet After the water is clean, it can.

However, we should also pay attention here that the water temperature of the water heater should be controlled below 50 degrees before cleaning, so that the water temperature can be directly discharged into the drainage pipe, which will not affect the sewer pipe. In order to clean the water heater, the sewage outlet with the water heater will also be opened together.

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