What causes the trip of Jiangmen storage type magnetic energy electric water heater

2020-10-17 1056

The sudden trip of electric water heater during heating is mainly due to the following reasons: firstly, the heating pipe and temperature sensitive switch probe conduct heat directly through the metal. If the heat conduction is too fast or too high, it will cause problems. At this point, it may be necessary to replace it. Secondly, the insulation function of the heating tube is reduced, so its insulation resistance is unstable. When the leakage current exceeds a certain value, it will act on the leakage protection plug immediately. In this case, it is also necessary to replace the heating tube; there may be leakage between the other three live components and the chassis, so it is suggested to replace the relevant components after checking and eliminating.

In addition, the leakage protection plug is not in good contact with the lower socket. Maybe the thermal switch and leakage protection switch have corresponding problems, or similar tripping phenomenon may occur.

Family should be careful when installing and using electric water heater. After all, the potential security risks may be large or small. The installation of electric water heater looks simple but complicated, and there are many factors to consider

For example, a wall that has been installed needs to be a solid brick or cement wall. If the quality of the wall is not load-bearing, maybe there are ceramic tiles and other decoration materials outside the load-bearing wall, it is necessary to adopt special methods or device supports; most bathhouses have embedded power lines, water pipes, etc., when the position and depth are not known, it is necessary to detect in advance and confirm the device position with professional instruments; the water heater inlet pipe, outlet pipe, valve, water circuit conversion valve, etc In addition to piping, in addition to strict requirements, hot water insulation, pipe length, wiring path, neat appearance and grounding water pipe shall be considered.

In addition, the location of the device should be able to give full play to the function of the electric heater, so as to facilitate the protection and maintenance in the future.

Therefore, it is necessary for water heater manufacturers to invite personnel when installing electric water heaters. When the installation operator comes to the door, the user should check whether the installation has the corresponding qualification or the logo of the position recognized by the corresponding enterprise, and listen to and respect the opinions or opinions of the installation person, so as to ensure that the cost of the electric water heater installed in the technical conditions will be due. Make sure.

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