Jiangmen thermal magnetic energy electric water heater manufacturers tell you what are the wrong points in the use of water heaters

2020-10-17 1014

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more high-tech household appliances appear in our lives. Although the emergence of these household appliances has helped us to improve the power of life and the quality of our life, in fact, these household appliances add up to a lot of electricity charges a year. If we pay more attention to them when we use them at ordinary times Some details may help us save a lot of money. Take the electric water heater which we often use as an example. Do you think that the electricity charge of our home has increased a lot during the period of using the electric water heater? In fact, this may be caused by the fast heating electric water heater at home.

We often use electric water heater, because the electric water heater is not constrained by other factors, and the operation of the water heater is very simple and convenient. There is a touch screen on the water heater. Plug in the power supply when required, set the temperature of hot water and the amount of hot water required, and then we can do other work, hot water heating After that, there is a bell to remind us that the convenience of the quick heating electric water heater makes more and more people buy it and use it at home. But when you use it for a period of time, you may find that the electricity charge at home is much higher. So let's see if you made these mistakes when using the fast heating electric water heater?


1. When the water heater is in normal operation, replace the thermostat and heater at the designated maintenance point every 3 years;

2. The inner tank should be cleaned every half a year. The cleaning method is to cut off the power supply, close the inlet valve, and then open the outlet valve. The drain switch on the safety valve should be rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise to naturally drain the water and sediment in the water heater, and then clean it with tap water. After cleaning, the drain switch should be restored to its original position, and the power can be turned on after full water;

3. If the water output of shower is reduced, the blocked debris should be timely sorted out to ensure the smooth outlet, which is helpful to extend the service life of the water heater. That is, the incorrect installation and application of the thermal electric water heater will lead to the failure of normal operation of the product and cause customers to misunderstand the quality problems of the product itself.

However, if the use frequency of the fast heating electric water heater at home is not high, when it is not in use, you must remember to turn off the power supply of the fast heating electric water heater, turn on the power supply in advance and set the parameters before use, which will not cause waste of power and will not add electricity charges to the home. In short, the fast heating electric water heater manufacturers should operate according to the actual situation when using the fast heating electric water heater at home. It is not allowed to plug in the power supply of the fast heating electric water heater and ignore it, resulting in waste.

Source: Jiangmen thermal magnetic energy electric water heater manufacturer http://www.konryt.com/