What are the influences on the service life of Jiangmen storage type magnetic energy electric water heater

2020-10-17 1022

With the development of convenient life, bathing conditions have changed. Families with normal income generally have dual-mode water heaters at home, so residents in many areas do not have to run outside the public baths when taking a bath. You can take a bath at any time. However, the water heater is also an electrical appliance and has the characteristic that all electrical appliances are consumed. How to use water heater at home to extend service life. Jiangmen storage type magnetic energy electric water heater introduces this method below.

You want to know how to extend the service life of the dual-mode water heater. First of all, you need to know the working principle of the water heater. Generally, after installing the water heater, you can learn the operation principle according to the instructions and words of the decoration master. After inserting the power supply, press the switch to turn on the water heater, and briefly adjust the temperature to the appropriate temperature. Then the water heater starts to boil water every day. Many of us don't have the habit of unplugging the water heater, so the water tank of the water heater will automatically detect it, and when the water temperature in the water heater drops below the set temperature, the water heater itself will become hot. Therefore, if the heating is continued in this way, the service life of the water heater will not be extended, and not only the power consumption but also the cost will be high.


It's true, so some people pull the plug. In fact, it's not a good idea. There are two reasons. The first thing is to plug and unplug the power supply frequently. This runs out of water heater connections. This is the same as turning the TV on and off. Often unplugging the power plug may help save water in the water heater. But long life doesn't seem to work. The two defects of pulling out the plug are that the insulation layer cannot support the hot water, and the water temperature drops immediately, so the water temperature drops and turns into cold water when washing.

With the increase in the number of families, the frequency of water heaters also increases, so it is necessary to be able to heat water heaters all the time. In this case, the water heater will continue to consume electricity. In addition, long-term use is not suitable to extend the service life.

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