Maintenance skills of Jiangmen magnetic energy water heater

2020-10-17 988

Every household can't do without water heater. Installing a water heater often takes several years for the whole family. With the gradual cooling of the climate, the requirements for hot water in the bath at home are higher. However, there are not many users who really understand the water heater. The water heater that has to work every day should also be conscientiously maintained. Today, I will introduce the use and maintenance methods of electric water heater for you and your family This winter is healthier.

Maintenance of electric water heater

1. Close the power supply

As for the users who often do not turn off the power supply, they should check the water heater and send it to the repair point for repair in time if there is any abnormal situation. They advocate to replace the temperature controller and heater at the designated repair point every three years.


2. Tank cleaning

Any electrical appliance will have dirt after a long time of use. The same is true for water heaters. The tank should be cleaned once every six months. The cleaning method is to first block the power supply, close the inlet valve, and then open the outlet valve. Turn the drain switch on the safety valve 90 degrees anticlockwise to naturally drain the water and sediment in the water heater, and then clean it with tap water. After cleaning, return the drain switch to its original position. Pay attention to the power supply after the water is full. 3. Clean up the sundries

After the water heater has been used for a period of time, we will find that the water output of the shower is reduced, which means that there are already sundries blocking the water outlet. At this time, we should timely clean up the debris to ensure that the outlet is unobstructed, which is helpful to extend the service life of the water heater.

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